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Lily was our dog. She moved in at nine years old in March 2010 and died 12 February 2016. She had separation anxiety, which meant she was at our feet twenty-four hours a day (literally – she slept on the end of our bed). Luckily, it wasn’t too difficult for us to accommodate her – every single one of her 2,169 nights she slept in a bed with one or both of us. In any given week, she probably spent a maximum of 2 hours without us (though usually with a cat or two). She made us smile and laugh every single one of those days and I’m going to miss her dearly.

Louisa wrote something about her too, over on her blog.

Lily suddenly not sure if toilet roll is toy

Lily eating toilet roll

Louisa, Lily the dog and I went for a walk in the woods near my parents home in Heaton, Bradford and we came across the now closed down Heaton Royds school. It seems to have closed down around March 2009 and has been vandalised a number of times. I took a few photos and scared a fox who had apparently moved in.

My dog Lily, asleeping

Lily asleeping

Understandably tired after a long day of sleeping.

Killing and butchering a chicken

At the weekend I killed a chicken, and Louisa and I plucked it and then Louisa butchered it. It was one of a few chicks that turned out to be male, so his fate was to be killed and eaten by us.

This was the second chicken I’ve killed myself (for food or otherwise) – the first one took a bit of mental preparation but this one was a bit easier.

He has a pretty good free range life, was killed quickly and we’ll waste very little of him (we’ve already had a soup made from cooking his carcass in the slowcooker).

Louisa has written up the experience in more detail on her blog.

Here are some photos – you might consider them a little grisly.


Old sycamore tree

The sycamore tree in the garden of our new house had to come down after some of it’s huge branches started coming down in high winds.

Boron Fights Grass

Boron Fights Grass

Leeds Market Big Wigs

More Leeds Market photos here on my Flickr profile.

Smash Smashing Smashed

Smashed it

Louisa and I randomly came across this demolition in Armley back in July, 2007. I happened to have my big camera with me.

Broken Bus Window

Broken Bus Window Photo

Broken Bus Window form back in 2005.

Beautiful Southport sunset

Louisa took it, but I’m in it.

Moo cows

Moo Cows

Taken back in 2005 actually, but rediscovered after showing up on my random slideshow.