Louisa, Lily the dog and I went for a walk in the woods near my parents home in Heaton, Bradford and we came across the now closed down Heaton Royds school. It seems to have closed down around March 2009 and has been vandalised a number of times. I took a few photos and scared a fox who had apparently moved in.


shazad says:

i use to go to this school in the 80s had so much memories there it makes me so sad seeing it in this state i was so shocked at the images such a shame it had to go down like this. ah well i hope it still remains a school for future children to come here

Ewen says:

The council is planning on disposing off it.


Hopefully the building will be used for something else but I would not be surprised if it ends up as housing. The area used to be a fire brick factory before it was a school.

Bradford Community Environment Project (registered charity No. 1093783) is trying to secure the site to turn it into an Environmet Centre to promote sustainable lifestyles and practices across Bradford District.
We would love you to join our campaign to save the building, the green belt and bring this building back into productive community use.

Heatonroyder says:

I worked here when it closed April 2010. We were assured it would be secured so vandals couldn’t get in and that it would be used by a community group. It’s heartbreaking to see a former open air school, then special needs school in this awful state.

Anonymous says:

Closed march april 2010

Anonymous says:

It closed 18 April 2010

ex Heaton Royder says:

I worked here and it was an amazing school and I miss it terribly, it is shocking to see it in such a state :(

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