Squirrel versus Cat

squirrel on my window being watched by a cat

This squirrel jumped up on the window sill the other day. Carla (one of our cats) was utterly enthralled. The squirrel didn’t seem to mind her staring and me photographing. Perhaps it was thinking “This is *double glazed* innit? You ain’t getting through that in a hurry my friends”. Or perhaps it couldn’t smell us so assumed we weren’t real. Or all it could see was a reflection of itself.

It flicked around long enough for me to get a few snaps, but not long enough for me to properly adjust aperture, white balance, shutter speed, ISO etc. More photos here.

Strange noises last night in Armley

At around 0350 this (Sunday) morning I half awoke to a very strange sound. It was loud and sounded to be coming from out on the street. I looked at the clock and misread it as 3150, so assumed I was having a lucid dream. Louisa woke too and I mentioned the dream noise, and she told me she heard it too, so I decided that I was definitely awake. At this point, the sound repeated itself. It was an metallicy almost alien noise. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like it. It was ungodly. It sounded perhaps like 5 road sweepers with metal brushes driving close to a row of parked cars. Or the Terminator having rough sex with a robotic pig. It repeated a few times, sounding very much like the source of it was moving around the estate, away from us.
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New photos, Armley and new lens test

I’ve uploaded some new shots around Armley (plus one errant one in Bradford of my Sister).

I also bought a cheap-ass telephoto/macro lens to try sate my close-up needs. I’ve bunged up a few shots I’ve taken with it. It’s a Sigma 70-300mm APO (f/4 – 5.6). f/5.6 is useless at 300mm in dim light, so this is a strictly bright daytime or flash lens (though the flash is obviously of no use with anything other than close-up at 300mm). The auto-focus drive is slow and noisy too. Compared to the fast and expensive Nikon lenses of equivalent focal length, this doesn’t seem bad for the hilariously low price (though to be honest, I’ve not used the expensive lenses). I’m not experienced enough yet to comment on sharpness or colour saturation or anything. I’ve not noticed any obvious problems yet, and no obvious lense distortion, but I really dont’ know what to look for yet.

Also, me rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.