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Lily suddenly not sure if toilet roll is toy

Lily eating toilet roll

My dog Lily, asleeping

Lily asleeping

Understandably tired after a long day of sleeping.

Boron Fights Grass

Boron Fights Grass

Leeds Market Big Wigs

More Leeds Market photos here on my Flickr profile.

Smash Smashing Smashed

Smashed it

Louisa and I randomly came across this demolition in Armley back in July, 2007. I happened to have my big camera with me.

Broken Bus Window

Broken Bus Window Photo

Broken Bus Window form back in 2005.

Beautiful Southport sunset

Louisa took it, but I’m in it.

Moo cows

Moo Cows

Taken back in 2005 actually, but rediscovered after showing up on my random slideshow.

Feet on the beach

Louisa's feet

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge photoblog

Hunter vs. Gatherer

photo of Gianni Tedesco coaxing a red Squirrel
From a visit to Freshfield nature reserve, Formby, Merseyside in October.

Armley Park Silicon

photograph of Silicon, one of our cats