Euruko Ruby Conference 2008 in Prague

I’m in Prague with Brightbox for the Euruko Ruby Conference 2008 from tomorrow evening until Monday morning. I’ll post photos to the Brightbox Flickr photostream as we go along.  If anyone wants to meet up for a drink, email me at john at johnleach dotty co dotty uk.

UPDATE: Photos here.


Peter Cooper says:

I’m going to be there too! Staying somewhere on Wenceslas Square and hopefully getting to that first “party” about 7pm :)

Not sure if I bumped into you at BarCamp Manchester? Anyway, it’ll be the red shoes and red glasses for me :)

Peter Cooper says:

Doh, just saw your photography section. I totally saw you at BarCamp Manchester.. remember now :) Look forward to seeing you in Prague!

john says:

Yes I remember you Peter :) Will see you there.

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