half man half biscuit gig

We saw Half Man Half Biscuit last night at the Cockpit in Leeds. Great stuff. It’s wonderful to hear NON-American cultural references that I don’t understand for a change. Incomplete unordered set list follows:

  • Corgi registered friends
  • Vatican broadside
  • Fuckin’ ell it’s Fred Titmus
  • 24 hour garage people
  • The Len Ganley stance
  • Four skinny indie kids
  • 99% of gargoyles look like Bob Todd
  • Bob Wilson, anchor man
  • Cover of Help me Rhonda

And as Louisa said, I too liked that their stage “costumes” looked like they had all been bought at Matalan.


Mat Hall says:

I’m not all too familiar with Half Man Half Biscuit, but here’s what some of those refer to. Without any context I have no idea *why* they’re referring to them, but familiarity with the songs may shed some light on it…

“Corgi Registered friends” is something to do with gas fitters.

Bob Todd was a British comedy character actor, and he looked like this:

The reference to Jim Rosenthal in the “Bob Wilson – Anchorman” song leads me to believe it’s the ex Arsenal goalie and TV presenter that they’re referring to:

Fred Titmus was a cricket player from the late 40s to the early 80s.

Len Ganley is a top-class snooker referee.

“Help me Rhonda” is a Beach Boys classic. Here’s the cover:

Beyond that I’m stumped. Not sure if it helps, but I got bored waiting for the next Everybody Loves Eric Raymond and needed something to do. :)

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