NCFE exam

It’s my NCFE Asian cookery exam tonight. We’ve got to make a Sindhi Korma, and some other stuff. I’m looking forward to passing. Let’s hope I do.

update: Both myself and Louisa passed the practical and written exam. I won’t belittle my achievement but I will say this: whilst I’m very confident at cooking various Asian curries and breads now, I won’t be winning any positions in the kitchens at Aagrah’s or Akbar’s.

I still plan to write up the missing recipies, and anything new I try.

Follow your dreams. You can meet your goals. I am living proof.


Sure, Aagrah’s and Akbar’s might still be (not really) pipe dreams but I guess now we’re overqualified for Omar Khan’s, since we know how to a) serve a meal in less than three hours and b) add spices to make something slightly more spicy than Ragu pasta sauce.
It’s, what?, a year since we ate there and I’m STILL pissed off.

Ill be expecting a lovely dish cooked just for me now u are both award winning super chefs! not too spicy mind – and preferebly not made of chocolate – i know u guys!!! congrats x

Moose (Neil Moss) says:

Hi John (and Louisa who i’ve never met)…

I have to ask the big question now – what’s the best way to cook rice? about twice as much water and let it boil dry (hate that way), or loads of water for about 12 mins, then rinse with boiling water in the culinder after!!! (my preferred way, obviously getting rid of the scum at some point too)

Cookery classes eh… now that does take me beyond my “how to boil an egg” cook book that I got as a gift just before I went to Uni…

Khlav Kalash salesman: No beer! Only Mountain Dew and crab juice!

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