Indian cookery episode 2 – Attack of the cloves

This week we made vegetable pakora, sindhi korma and aloo bhaji. It actually all went pretty well. I didn’t burn anything, I didn’t forget any ingredients (that I noticed), and nobody died by my hand. This might have been something to do with working directly across from Louisa this time; being able to exploit her cookery skills. The food tasted good enought to eat two days in a row too.

I think there is a kind of rhythm to cooking; a beat to which ingredients must be added, flames are adjusted and mixing occurrs. Last week I was seriously out of time. This week I felt I was almost getting it. Imagine that it’s some groovy off-beat syncopated beat and I’m only managing to keep up a simple 4/4 with it.

I didn’t have time to deep fry my pakora, which I was kind of relieved about as the deep fryer scared me to death.


The Lovely Louisa says:

I conquered my fear of large vats of searingly hot oil and did John’s pakora as well as my own. I also came up with the “attack of the cloves” pun. Therefore I am great.

John’s aloo bhaji had a more rounded flavour than mine though: damn him threatening my greatness! damn him!


John says:

You just couldn’t bear people thinking I’d come up with that pun myself could you.

My apron is better than hers too.

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