Biohazard workout

BIOHAZARD absolutely rock. The BEST gigs I EVER attend. Be sure to see them when they come your way. Violent tho, everyone just kicking the shit out of each other, all in the name of music. I didn’t get hurt tho, Cottie did tho, he stage dived direct to ground and got a red shoulder.

Lots of cute lil’ girls crowd surfing too, but I hate feeling like a dirty perv by putting my hands all over em to help em stay up, so I kinda just pretend I didn;t see em, and they fall on the ground. Lil’ punk girls seems to bounce ok tho.

Thats my excersize for the month done, slam dancing at a biohazard gig is like going to the gym, just with more fighting, and less showers.

Fixing cars

Fixing cars annoys me. Starter motor went on my Golf, and had to replace it. “Unbolt it, buy new one, rebolt it!” I hear you all cry (stop crying), but no no no! its not so easy. A rusted bolt you see, thats whats causing it. I sat in the rain for a whole morning, in the POURING rain, in puddles, freezes my geeky little ass off (honest its little). In the end had to angle-grind it off and buy new bolts. THEN it wouldn’t go back on cos the same bolts that hold the starter motor on are also engine mounts, so the engine moved 3cm stopping the bolts going in. Finally got it all in and battery was flat! Then I cleaned my spark plugs and now one isn’t firing! DAMMIT!

I was gonna end this entry saying how much I wish fixing cars was like fixing computer problems, as there are less variables (no rust, rain, gravity etc.etc.), but after my recent escapade of installing Evolution for xwin, I realised the procedure is almost exactly the same, just with less oil.