Leeds Bus Crash

Overhead view of bus crashed into Ainsleys bakery in Leeds

This bus narrowly missed a Subway franchise in Leeds and crashed into an Ainsleys instead. Ethical dilemma: if you were a dissenting bus driver would you choose to plough into Subway rather than Ainsleys knowing that whilst it’s a bigger and eviller chain, you might hurt more people?

I think the easy answer to this is to crash into both places, but make sure you do it after hours when the place is closed. More photos here. I didn’t take them though; I plucked them from the grape vine.

5 thoughts on “Leeds Bus Crash”

  1. I have use that bus stop and indeed that Ainsleys quite frequently and I would like the reassure everyone that the cake counter looks to be ok.

    The shot inside the store (in the more photos bit) reveals that the bus only hit the sandwich fridge at the back so the cakes, which live on the other side of the store, should have survived without injury.

    In these times of uncertainty, it’s good to know that the muffins, doughnuts and indeed currant squares of this world have lived to be eaten another day. Phew.

  2. wooooo
    i used to know the Ainsleys (the actual Ainsleys who own the company)…
    that is all, i have nothing more interesting to add.

  3. This is my local Ainsleys, and this crash alone forced me into an infinite loop of eating cheese and onion slices. I will not be held responsible for putting on weight from this.

  4. They had just changed drivers, and the driver who had got off the bus was injured by flying glass as he was heading to Ainsleys for his ultra healthy cakes & pies (proper bus driver food, I should know I work for First Leeds LOL)

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