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Curious Ivy

Ivy growing in through window


photo of England flags on an estate in Armley

Combing Carla

photo of Carla being combed

Condoleezza Rice Liverpool/Blackburn protests

George Bush’s No 2, Condoleezza Rice, is coming to En-ger-land. She’s not leading an invasion (ha!), she was invited by Jack Straw. During her time here she’ll be visiting Liverpool and Blackburn. Get yourself down to the organised protests on Friday 31st March in Liverpool and Saturday 1st April in Blackburn. Read more at

UPDATE: I took some photos on Friday night at the Royal Philharmonic in Liverpool. I hearby throw this set of photos into the public domain. Do with them as you wish.

Didgeridoo protest man, Liverpool

ANOTHER UPDATE: Fixed the link to the rest of the photos. Duh

Cottage in Staithes, North Yorkshire

photo of cottages in Staithes, North Yorkshire

Louisa and I went on a little Holiday to Staithes in North Yorkshire at the end of January. We stayed in a tiny cottage 20 steps from the sea with no Internet and no mobile phone reception. It was the most relaxing holiday I’ve had in years. Usually we’re storming all over whichever city we’re staying in to make sure we see everything.

Truck on fire

truck on fire in Liverpool

I took this back in June.

Armley Park in Autumn

photo of some trees in armley park, leeds

red bricks

red brick building with blue sky

Purple chicken

photo of a chicken
A chicken in Scotland.

Manningham Mills

I got to wander around Lister’s Mill in Manningham, Bradford on Saturday and took a few photos. It’s currently being converted in to fancy flats.

I grew up in Manningham and have always dreamed of seeing inside the place. The weather was pretty miserable and the light was awful. I’ve arranged to go back in a few weeks when more of the rubble has been moved and the weather is better (hopefully).

The site manager guy I spoke to coincidentally has our family’s old home telephone number as his fax line. I often wondered who’d answer if I called my old phone number. Guess I don’t need to wonder now.

photo of Manningham Mills building site

More photos…

Russia photoblog

Here are two selected photos from our holiday in Russia. I’ll be upping a whole bunch more at some point. The first is a sunset behind the Kremlin in Moscow. The second is of some kids in St. Petersburg.

photo of Kremlin sunset

photo of Russian kids in St. Petersburg

Sunflower retired

We set off to Russia on Monday so expect lots of new photography uploads when I get back (though I already have a big backlog).

photo of a dead sunflower