Breaking my blog embargo

I often find myself in the situation where I’ve not blogged for a long time which makes it difficult to write a new one, as if the long delay means the next blog has to be weighty and impressive.

I’ve realised this is an illusion. Nobody is sitting in wait for my next blog entry. Nobody else has noticed I’ve not blogged in ages. Only I know I’ve not blogged in ages. And I certainly shouldn’t care about what I think.

So I’m breaking my accidental self-imposed blog embargo with this mundane entry which says nothing of import.

If you were hoping for something of more consequence then I make no apology, though your hopes disprove my above realisation, which is irksome to say the least.


Jitesh Mistry says:

I had noticed too!

Martin Owen says:

This is the most inspirational blog post I have read for quite some time!

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