Chat Roulette: Eye Vagina

Chat Roulette is a web site that hooks you up to a random person. It streams their webcam video and audio to you, and your’s to them.  When you’re done, you click next and get another random person. That’s the whole thing.  It’s fun, for a short period of time.

Anyway, whilst holding my webcam to different parts of my body (if you ever use my webcam, wash your hands) I discovered that my eye, on its side, with the right lighting, and right shadows, and bad focus, through a webcam… looks kinda, possibly, a bit like girl bits.

It’s probably fair to say that, for a large proportion of the random strangers on Chat Roulette, the “Next” button is usually clicked in the hope of seeing a girl flashing some part of her body.

Combine these two seemingly unconnected facts together, and you get some of the reactions you see in my Eye Vagina video!  The music is “My Vagina” by NOFX. I edited out roughly 300 people jerking off.  The vid has had more than half a million hits on you tube. I’m expecting my share of their fat advertising profits any day now.

I recorded it using recordmydesktop and edited it using Pitivi (which actually had some very annoying audo sync problems I had to jump through hoops to avoid, which was a shame).


nethead says:

Via google images I found your 2008 “Raymond” comic, loved it.

Anyway, 311-555-2368. I’m a bit taken back that a Brit knows this old phreaker mantra. This is the number that was used on the Bell System promotional material back in the 60s and 70s in the US. I first became aware of it when I was in 7th grade and, being an ultimate phone geek (not that there was that term back then) I would visit my local (Yakima, Washington, US) Pacific Northwest Bell (PNB) marketing office to raid their file cabinets of brochures for PBX and business systems. How I wish I still had that stash! Full color 3 fold for the likes of a 552 switch board, with plug and cords. Brand new crossbar PBX systems. The introduction or our first ESS office with Centrex.

So, how did a Brit like you come up with that number? Please email me.

I found your post because I was using Google to check the spelling of Parens for a post where I mentioned that I only mod his posts as funny.

Tony Breyal says:

This was a superb video; very entertaining and very well done. You have my respect good sir!

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