Gravedigg: What will die next?

Gravedigg is like Digg, but rather than voting for pictures of cute cats or top ten lists of stuff, you vote on what you think will die or fail next.  Companies, celebrities, technologies… whatever.  So maybe you think the Perl programming language is on it’s way out very soon, or that Iceland is on its last legs or that Steve Jobs is boned.

Louisa and I put this together in just a few days, me coding and Louisa designing. Was a fun little project to do.


Paul says:

I like a bit of a laugh… and I admire a bit of dark humour, but the Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze thing is just massively insensitive man. I’m actually quite disgusted by it. It’s neither funny nor clever. These people have families and are human beings just like everyone else… making a mockery of their illnesses, especially one as serious as pancreatic cancer is just utterly despicable.

How about you just get a fucking grip mate? You gigantic tit!

john says:

I’m not sure it’s supposed to be either funny or clever. You just vote on what you think will die. Not what you want to die, or what you think deserves to die. The about page says the same:

And I’m not sure a “mockery” is being made of their illnesses either, whatever a mockery is. The Patrick Swayze post makes no fun whatsoever – just a statement of facts and some votes.

The Steve Jobs post is a little different, but firstly it’s not really mean. The guy had pancreatic cancer, he’ll probably die. If you disagree, then don’t vote for him – maybe you know something medical science doesn’t. And actually, it’s not even clear that he’s dying of anything at the moment – treatable hormone imbalance is the current line.

Secondly, I didn’t add him. Anyone can add anything. This is the internet baby. I’ve been adding mostly companies myself.

w2bh says:

Hey, you should add Gravedigg to Gravedigg!

Oh… wait…

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