James Reynolds of the BBC comes clean

Admitting it for all to see on his BBC blog. Very brave of him:

Past horrors and mistakes do not seem to have weakened a servile belief in the ultimate benevolence of the state and a willingness to grant it unlimited powers.

In this country, if you start to blame the system itself – and the men right at the top – you tend to get into all kinds of trouble.

Unsurprisingly though, he’s talking about China and not the USA or the United Kingdom.


Robin says:

John in Leeds ……. can you please tell an Oz g’mother, who has followed James Reynolds for years, where he is? I have emailed him when he went to china because I was happy he had moved from Israel where it is not very safe. He replied but I have stopped emailing him as he is a fearless broadcaster and I do not want to know him too well. He went to Cuba for his holidays so he is not on holidays but I do not see him on tv nor hear him on the radio where I listen overnight to BBC. I know the BBC throw their reporters and presenters away like garbage but hope they have not thrown away one of my most favourites.

From Robin

JIE LEI says:

Dear BBC reporter in china
Nice to get in touch with you,I am so grateful to hear from you on BBC/China online by the 1st time ,I`d like to acknowledge all your information in details,Thank you for contacting us.

Best regards!

PatTang says:

James Reynolds should move to the Sun news paper where he would be in contact with his correct audience instead of bullshitting every one on the BBC web site.
Never mind the fact there is more censorship on postings at the BBC then any Chinese blog site.
Gutter press reporting.

inreplytowumao says:

All Chinese blogs are so heavily censored and articles are brutally expunged on everyday basis and Chinese bloggers can get arrested for promoting human rights and democracy if they dare to write something too bold (probably just as this one).

My question is, why does everyone want to attack an journalist rather than the powerful Chinese government who tries to silence all against?

I do know the fact that so many commentators in China are paid to write in favor of the authorities in order to sway the public. Profitable job indeed.

inreplytowumao says:

Also, there are plenty of venomous comments on youtube attacking him personally using language that is absolutely obscene.

This sort of dirty tricks is commonly employed in a totalitarian country, which would just be healthy and helpful to a reporter’s career.

just me says:

James is studying at Harvard University in the USA at present.

Brian says:

James Reynolds was making up stories in September 2015 re Syrian crisis — he was following a young Syrian girl called Nour who is more model than refugee on her journey from Hungary to Sweden — she did not look in stress or in physical problems and was immaculately dressed with make-up and Reynolds was following her — yes, this was all organised by the BBC and Nour arrived in Sweden at Police HQ dressed in short skirt with designer clothes — this is clearly a fabricated story and the BBC and Reynolds are a disgrace

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