Emusic.com sucks

I signed up for Emusic.com a few months ago to buy music online, but I’m fed up with them. This is my “why are you leaving?” feedback to them:

I’d like to get what I pay for. I pay for 65 tracks but if I don’t download them within the month, they disappear. I have trouble understanding how this is a legitimate business practice – where do my tracks go? Are they distributed to the poor?

Your business model is based on the hope that people won’t use what they pay for.

Your business model is based on taking advantage of your customers.


Peter says:

Only wanted 1 track i couldn’t get anywhere else¬!

Damn scam! Normally I am pretty good at not getting “Done” but this time they have stung me. – that 1 track has cost me £50.


Gurpreet Singh Grewal says:

i never used in life even then u charged charges every month plz unscriber me from this web.if possible plz returned my charges thanks Gurpreet Singh Grewal

lynn says:

They say will respond to requests or comments within 24 – 48 hrs. I need my $17 refunded and haven’t heard anything except when I CALL. And then they promise they will respond – nothing in TWO WEEKS. Consumer Protection here I come!!!~ HATE EMUSIC – DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MO

Jim says:

E Music sucks. They are a terrible, unethical, deceptive company. DO NOT USE.

clinton says:

Yes emusic is a scam trying to get my polaroidten, which is free $10 of music for signing up and they say OOPS there was an error but maybe the internet brought you here for this music check it out buy some music. NOW I HAVE TO BUY IT before I even get a trial hmmmm. Thought I had a good deal with this polaroid mp3 player and $10 to start with some music!NOT!!

tamela says:

they are awful, do not use them! I tried to cancel my account and since they charged me, they refuse to refund my account. Very poor customer service..and not to mention, half their crap doesn’t work, so you are paying and not getting what you pay for…they are a huge rip off! I hope to get the word out to the public, DO NOT USE THEM.

Jim says:

E music SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS. It is an unethical company which must revert to dishonest business pratices to make money. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

Kathleen Hastings says:

I Totally agree E Music SUCKS! Because of them after cancelling my service they have over drawn my account 2 months in a row. Just recancelled my service again. Half the music won’t download or play if you can get it downloaded. Big Scam.

John Waters says:

I was intesterested in their service, and asked them a few questions via email.

Their customer service operators were complete jackasses. So far they have made me ask the same simple question 4 times without responding.

They’re very cagey about defining their service before you sign up: what the “free” trial entails, what the details of their booster packs are, what price someone not paying in USD will pay, etc.

All that I have read above seems to explain why, and together with my experience, I probably won’t chance it. Thanks everyone for the warnings.


Pete says:

A completely un-ethical online rip-off. Emusic.com sucks!

Rob says:

Jeez!!!! I bought an MP3 player last Christmas and forgot that I signed up for this… Just found an old email… (the first one) clicked on it and found out that I’ve been charged £35/month for the past 8 Months and I never logged on once.

bummer!!!!!! arggghhhh!!

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Sucker says:

Boy was I suckered!!! Signed up for the $10 free trial. Most of songs couldn’t download. Emusic.com truly sucks. Had to have my credit card cancelled because they’re still charging me.

To everyone, don’t trust emusic!! They are scam artists!!

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