Epiphany and Firefox Dapper packages for Breezy

I’ve built Ubuntu Dapper Epiphany 1.9 and Firefox 1.4.99 packages for Ubuntu Breezy. I’ve also enabled the Epiphany Adblock extension which seems to work fine. You can’t specify your own advert signatures with a GUI yet (afaikt) but the built-in database seems to cover most bases.

I’ve only built for i386 as that’s all I need it for right now. Tbh, it’s really not that difficult to build you own, but here they are anyway:
UPDATE: I’ve setup an apt repository for all this nonsense.

deb http://johnleach.co.uk/downloads/ubuntu breezy backports

I don’t really have plans to keep this up to date, but I might expand it to a few other packages I want to play with, so feel free to use.


Anonymous says:

epiphany: error while loading shared libraries: libxpcom_core.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

john says:

The Epiphany packages depend on the Firefox package. You need to install my Firefox packages too. Sorry that I didn’t make this clear.

Gavin says:

Cheers for the builds, saved me some trouble trying out some of the latest stuff.

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