ID cards to become law

Just a reminder that the UK National ID card threat has not gone away. The government is still planning to get this piece of police state legislation implemented. The whole scheme is going to cost an estimated £19 billion. That’s over £300 per card. And it won’t make us more secure. It won’t prevent the majority benefit fraud. The technology doesn’t even work. It seems to achieve nothing but invade our privacy and provide fat contracts to private technology firms.

The world is not a different place since 9/11. The “rules of the game” have not changed. Reject the ID card.

Read more at “Our World Our Say” and No2Id.

Please donate something to the “Our World Our Say” campaign against ID cards. They have various projects to raise awareness and are currently raising money for an advertising campaign.


higg says:

i have no ID-er what you’re talking about fella. I don’t think we don’t want this new technology invading our piracy… I will speak on behalf of pirates everywhere! Scurvy government…. arrrrrr

on a serious note… i thought my driving licence and passport would be proof enough of my identity? Why do we need something else as well?

also… if we lost our card would we have to change our identity to get a new one?…

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