Murders in the rue terrace

The corpse of the young bird was difficult to identify. That fact that it had been torn apart and partly consumed would sufficiently account for this. A single wrinkly leg protuded from in amongst the scattered feathers. A smooth slab of unidentifiable bright red flesh was discovered upon the rug near the sofa. In the opinion of Mr. Leach, Mademoiselle Pigeon had been throttled to death by some person or felines unknown.

The corpse of the field mouse was horribly mutilated. All the bones of every appendage were more or less torn clear off. Whole body dreadfully bruised and discolored. The intestines spilled over the Apple Powerbook, the green grass stomach contents open to the air. It was not possible to say how the injuries had been inflicted. Long sharp teeth or claws would have produced such results, if wielded by the hands of a very powerful fissiped. The head of the deceased was entirely separated from the body and missing.

Louisa Parry, homeowner, was called to view the bodies. Corroborated the testimony, and the opinions of Mr. Leach. Though she elected not to be involved in the cleaning up, she did make some nice waffles that were consumed outside in the sun.

See photos of the grisly scene (rather graphic).

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