Doctor Who Cares

The first episode of the new series of Doctor Who is quite impressive as is actually really good. I can’t say I was entirely happy with it though. Title sequence is excellent, new title music is spot on and I just love the way that they’ve kept certain classic elements. Christopher Eccleston is a very engaging Doctor and even Billie Piper is not as annoying as I expected her to be. The newly scored main theme is abysmal though. It gets a higher rating from me than it would otherwise mostly because I enjoy modern jive and especially the type of dancing that this episode popularised. It really is a great love story that shows how even though someone dies, love for a person never dies. Emilio Estevez carrys his role off very well as a Jock – it gets a little cringe worthy when he’s high at the end – and rushing around like a loony. But the end with Ally Sheedy certainly makes up for it.

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