yum/up2date suck, new job

I’ve come to the realisation that yum and up2date completely and utter suck. Why is it yum has spent the last 20mins downloading rpm headers from the dag repository? Why is it up2date can’t search properly? why does yum return search results in an unreadable way? why do both of them, at the mere hint of something going wrong, spurt out a big python backtrace that is very little use to very many people. Why are these tools SO BAD? How difficult IS THE PROBLEM? Debian have got it right with apt. Headers are downloaded in 30 seconds, search supports regular expressions! There is even an RPM ENABLED version of apt. Why wasn’t this used in Fedora? Why up2date with it’s crappy secretive SSL and XML and SOAP and crapness.

I can only imagine it’s due to RedHat wanting the world to develop their Enterprise updatering system for free. Well I’m not contributing until I at least see that either a) I’m doing something wrong and it can all be fixed with an option. or b) someone can explain the good reason why these tools exist.

Also, I have a new job. It’s lots of fun. I’m responsible for the security of some 30 million UK NHS patient records.

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