RedHat, Firestorm, 802.11b and rpm2html

I’ve been working on my qmail rpms for RedHat ES/AS/Fedora. I’ve even started some documentation. It’s all on my RedHat page.

I’ve also been working on Firestorm, improving the arp decoder and developing my macwatch arpwatch clone. Hopefully this will appear in the latest Firestorm tree soon.

I recently ditched my aging Linux wireless bridge/router/firewall in favour of a little Linksys device that cost no more than 60 pounds, uses considerably less electricity and makes almost no noise. The price is impressive and even the device seems to work ok. One thing it can’t deal with properly at all is the TCP ECN flag. The web admin port just sends a RST. Can you believe a Cisco company would make this mistake? Yes. I can.

Also, I’ve created an rpm2html index of all the RPMs in my downloads tree. Some are old crap I’ve not bothered deleting yet, but there is some stuff in there that will be useful to someone (not just google).

Gianni will be home from Luxembourg soon.

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