air gap switch security

Whale communications have invented something very secure, and very special. To the naked non-technical eye, their marketing material seems misleading and misguided, but this is the state of the art of security technology. It does some stuff to ensure undefined things do or do not happen.

Quote: “The patent-pending air gap switch keeps sensitive systems and data physically disconnected from untrusted networks and users, and transfers application-level data in real time. It is a high-speed, solid-state analog switch that connects a 512K memory bank to one SBC at a time via a SCSI interface. The air gap switch contains no Operating System, no TCP/IP address, no programmable units, all of which protects the appliance from being compromised. It hides internal addresses, preventing hackers’ mapping of internal network and any tunnelling threat. It protects confidential information such as private keys and configuration data by placing them behind the “air gap.”

It’ll also apparently cure all known ailments, gives you a full head of hair, and a long life free of pain.


Rony Harli says:

Is there a patent or PST for air-gap system used in multiple LAN connection?


Rony Harli

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