Woody Allen

Another cool nite of sarcasm and hilarity. Today started out a little Eerie tho, as things seemed to be going as planned, and very intricately planned it was too. Anyone who knows me and has ever organised anything with me will know full well planning isn’t my strong point, but today seemed to be going well which obviously meant the devil must have been involved, or something was going to explode and someone would die horribly.

I got a new film which I was going to review for Geek-Ware but I can’t write a full article as I couldn’t watch the whole film, as the second VCD was broken, but Woody Allen films, altho not predictable, aren’t the type of film you need to see all of to appreciate (if you can indeed apreciate any of it, as James couldn’t cos he hates Woody Allen).

It was quite amusing cos James was commenting how Woody Allen annoys him in the same way Hugh Grant does. I mentioned it would be unwise of anyone to put both Woody Allen AND Hugh Grant in the same film, especially in the same scene. The cross-stutter complications that would arise would probably generate some mad interference pattern of annoyance, and something would explode horribly, or Satan would make an appearance. Interestingly, to my knowledge, neither of these happened when Hugh Grant did appear.

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