IPSEC VPN problems upgrading to Ubuntu Edgy

I upgraded my home gateway firewall to Edgy today in the hope of fixing some SATA problems I’ve been experiencing. The new Edgy kernel might help – we’ll see.

Anyway, it went pretty well. Two runs (?) of apt-get dist-upgrade -u, a reboot and there I was.

Unfortunately I had two problems with my Openswan IPSEC VPNs. I’m not so sure if these count as bugs. I’ll be investigating further and reporting if so. Anyway, techie details follow…
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Remote wireless X clients

I’ve setup and old Pentium 100 Toshiba laptop with a wireless card and Debian as a “dumb-ish X terminal” at home over my 802.11b wireless network. It works rather well and very quiet. My girlfriend now has all the wonders that RedHat 9 brings, without having to lug a big heavy expensive power-hungry laptop around the house. Up until now I’d had a hacky ssh remote session thing running, but now I use XDMCP (X -probe IP) to login directly using gdm listening on the central box. A firewall attempts to protect the XDMCP and X11 services, with minimal privacy provided by WEP. I’ll have IPSEC implemented soon enough though.

I’m also working on a fail over redundant MySQL cluster setup at the moment and hope to write a quick HOWTO on it, covering Heartbeat and MySQL 4’s replication system. I’ll announce it here as usual.