Geek-ware downage

Ok, yes, geek-ware has been down, but we trouble-shot the problem to death by compiling many a linux kernel and rebooting a lot. We’ve had to drop one of the CPUs as it seems faulty, but all is well now. Beefcake (the server geek-ware runs on) has been jinxed from the start (3 years ago) and one day I shall write a history on it, but not right now as I should be doing some work.

Lots of diary stuff happened on Sunday, I even cried about something, but since geek-ware was down you all miss out :P

Memo to self: have a smell of Spork before she changes body spray

Coffee druggie

Love Apple is totally buzzed out now, dance music, mad drugged up people, but they still serve coffee, so I chilled and drank it all night, watching the pill poppers pop pills. Was quite amusing

In fact, one such girl chatted to me at the bar. She inquired what I was buying, and when I told her just coffee, she said “Coffee?? are you a druggie or something?” which was suitably ironic in itself, so suitably ironic in fact, it straightened out my collar. My response was “Well alcohol kills brain cells.”. She looked a little confused and stared into her red bull and vodka for a bit, then finally said “I only asked for one ice cube, theres two in here”. I don’t think she was in any danger of killing any brains at all.

Saw one big girl (who wasn’t SCARY big) but I was under the impression she had been ingesting something decidedly hallucinogenic so I left her alone.

I’ve been compiling kernels for 2 days for my laptop and my new gateway machine, and things are finally starting to go my way, even with the crappy AMD overheating and causing compile errors, such fun.

Frying fan

Tired. Was gonna have an earlyish nite last nite, but shortly before retiring I discovered the source of the burning smell that up until that point I had been readily ignoring. My computer power supply fan had stopped going round and the supply was happily cooking the insides of my computer, and because I use it as an alarm clock I had to fix it. Bah

I’d love to go back to sleep but I’ve made the mistake of reading Sporks diary this morning and can’t stop thinking about the body she had when she was 18 and her bigger boobs. (and the laptop, *droool*).

Fixing cars

Fixing cars annoys me. Starter motor went on my Golf, and had to replace it. “Unbolt it, buy new one, rebolt it!” I hear you all cry (stop crying), but no no no! its not so easy. A rusted bolt you see, thats whats causing it. I sat in the rain for a whole morning, in the POURING rain, in puddles, freezes my geeky little ass off (honest its little). In the end had to angle-grind it off and buy new bolts. THEN it wouldn’t go back on cos the same bolts that hold the starter motor on are also engine mounts, so the engine moved 3cm stopping the bolts going in. Finally got it all in and battery was flat! Then I cleaned my spark plugs and now one isn’t firing! DAMMIT!

I was gonna end this entry saying how much I wish fixing cars was like fixing computer problems, as there are less variables (no rust, rain, gravity etc.etc.), but after my recent escapade of installing Evolution for xwin, I realised the procedure is almost exactly the same, just with less oil.