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RedHat have reannounced the dropping support for some old versions (ands April 2004, still lots of warning). I say reannounced due to the fact they originally announced this December 2002. And have had it on their website ever since (very clearly). If you want a supported RedHat distro now (by supported I mean the fixing of security and functional bugs) you either neeed to pay for and use one of the RedHat Enterprise Linuxes, or use the Fedora Project distro. The RHEL versions are released every 18 months and supported for 5 years. Fedora looks to be an ongoing thing, but community supported. Lots of freeloaders are moaning and complaining. They don’t seem to understand that if you don’t have the skills to pay the bills (and patch, fix and recompile software yourself) you pay somebody else to do it for you. This support system is how people are expected to make money from GPL/open source software (and yes, people ARE allowed to make money). It sounds like it’s mostly coming from morons who list “cost” as the main benefit of using GNU/Linux as a server operating system. Get a clue.

Firestorm ethereal and RedHat Advanced Server

I’ve ported my Ethereal ELOG patch to the latest version (0.9.14) and fixed a bug handling pcap captured alerts. Created Debian debs for powerpc and i386. Matt is working on some RPMS for RedHat 9

RedHat’s latest change of support plans for RedHat Linux seems to be doing what was intended, getting more people to purchase Advanced Server (and the new Enterprise Server and Workstation) rather than leeching off them. Good for RedHat. There have been too many idiots selling RedHat Linux-based solutions expecting the coloured headgear company to do the hard work of beta testing, bug fixing etc.etc. for free.