Cottage in Staithes, North Yorkshire

photo of cottages in Staithes, North Yorkshire

Louisa and I went on a little Holiday to Staithes in North Yorkshire at the end of January. We stayed in a tiny cottage 20 steps from the sea with no Internet and no mobile phone reception. It was the most relaxing holiday I’ve had in years. Usually we’re storming all over whichever city we’re staying in to make sure we see everything.

More photos are online in my Staithes photo set.


Did he find a keyboard that does Russian? Or did he copy and paste from Wikipedia?

I did find a keyboard but I’m too lazy to write properly, so I copied and pasted.

Рщдн агсл Ш зкуыыув еру цкщтп лун сщьиштфешщтю!!!

We’re in a restaurant (ресторан) in Moscow. There is a computer built into every booth with which you order your food. When you’ve ordered it then let’s you browse the Internet for free. The menu ordering system uses Flash and if you right click and click “About Macromedia Flash…” it opens a new browser window and takes you to Macromedia; you don’t have to order anything to browse. The food looked great so we ordered anyway (there is a human element to the security system anyway. He’s sat at the door with a shaven head looking menacing).

I came across a squat toilet today but luckily I only needed the urinal. The whole squatting thing makes sense but is no doubt difficult the first few times. It’s the wiping that worries me: no toilet paper. Put it this way, left handed people have no friends in Russia.


We saw cows in Moscow. We’re leaving Moscow for St. Petersburg tonight, on a 8 hour overnight train. We saw dead Lenin, which would be a good name for a band.

I was going to write the title of this post in Russian, but ironically this keyboard (in an Internet cafe) is qwerty only.

I’ll probably write more when I get back. Or I might not.

Also, you can’t be sure whether I actually wrote this from Russia or I queued it up before I left like the last post. That’s a bit of mystery for you; spice things up a bit.

Can’t get to my mobile answer-phone messages or my e-mail, so if you need me send me a text.

Ghost posting

I’m currently on holiday in Russia. I wrote this post last Saturday night and made my bloggy software not display it until today (Monday).

If my plane crashed and I died then this post will be a bit disconcerting. I probably went to hell, but don’t worry: all my friends will be here one day. Could someone please feed the cats.

Scotland photoblog

We’re back from our weekend in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. It wasn’t very sunny until today, but it was warm and at least it didn’t rain. I took some photos, which I’ll share soon in a gallery. For now here is a few selections in the form of a photo blog. Just to clarify though, Scotland is not home to a large Meerkat and Macaw population. As far as we could see, they do not roam the small towns and villiages digging holes and chirping “hello”s respectively. There are just nice photos I took at Galloway wildlife park in Kirkcudbright.

photo of a meerkat
photo of a macaw

boobiesAlso, I purchased a new extreme wide angle lens (fish eye). You’ve probably seen them used to take photos of skateboarders and, um, perhaps rollerbladers. I plan to use it to do more interesting things, mainly as I don’t know any skateboarders. As a first start I present to you the following sample shot taken in Scotland.

Venice and Christmas

I am now back in the UK after spending a few days in Venice hiding from family with my girlie. I’ll get photos up soon. I seem to have some kind of ear infection that makes me feel like I’m still aboard the Venician floating bus stops. It’s making me sick.

I also came to work today only to find it’s some kind of bank holiday. Although I do not work for a bank, my colleagues have decided not to come in. I’ll be going home early and claiming an extra day’s holiday. (I did wonder why the roads were so quiet this morning.
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