Encrypted partitions with Ubuntu/Debian

I figured out how to set up an encrypted partition on Ubuntu the other day. There are a bunch of ways of doing it but I found this to be the simplest. It should work on Debian too, since all the relevant packages are Debian ones anyway. In my example I’m encrypting an LVM partition (logical volume), but it should work with any device, including removable USB keys (see end notes). UPDATE: This is broken in Edgy but I figured out a simple fix, see below.

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MegaNET 1 million bit encryption ROCKS!

“If [our encryption algorithm] is so bad, then how is it that [it] has now been acquired and is available for use in thousands of U.S. Government computers and even by more corporate users worldwide?” -Saul Backal, Ralph Lotkin, Meganet.

These guys are right. Instead of rigorous open analysis of crypto algorithms, we should just make a list of who have already bought it and make our decision based on that. We could do the same for choosing an OS.