New photos, Armley and new lens test

I’ve uploaded some new shots around Armley (plus one errant one in Bradford of my Sister).

I also bought a cheap-ass telephoto/macro lens to try sate my close-up needs. I’ve bunged up a few shots I’ve taken with it. It’s a Sigma 70-300mm APO (f/4 – 5.6). f/5.6 is useless at 300mm in dim light, so this is a strictly bright daytime or flash lens (though the flash is obviously of no use with anything other than close-up at 300mm). The auto-focus drive is slow and noisy too. Compared to the fast and expensive Nikon lenses of equivalent focal length, this doesn’t seem bad for the hilariously low price (though to be honest, I’ve not used the expensive lenses). I’m not experienced enough yet to comment on sharpness or colour saturation or anything. I’ve not noticed any obvious problems yet, and no obvious lense distortion, but I really dont’ know what to look for yet.

Also, me rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

New photo gallery

I’ve written a new photo gallery system and am now using it for my photos. I’ve also uploaded a huge back catalogue of photos. Take a peek and tell me what you think.

The best place to start might be the yearly selections.

There are lots of new snaps up, such as when a bunch of IRC buddies came to visit, when I visited James in the USA or various drinking times.

I’ve been to loads more places than I’d previously let on, such as Budapest, Brimham Rocks and recently York. Lots more photos around Leeds and Bradford too.

Lots of portaits too. Some of me in all my glory too. And cats.

A few more to come, including Prague, which I seem to have missed.