Script Idea 1

big heading above the strip: a look back on the biggest events of December 2005

pane1: every major tech news outlet

pane2: padded their content out

pane3: with bullshit lists of stuff from 2005

pane4: yet we all keep coming back for more

Script Idea 2

3 predictions for 2006

pane 1: software patents will continue to drive innovation to such an extent that we all lose our jobs to java applets
pane 1: the upcoming energy crisis will be solved through innovation driven by software patents.

pane 2: it will no longer be fashionable to own only one ipod, you must own more.  Whether you understand what an ipod actually does will remain unimportant.

pane 3: late in the year, every major tech news outlet will publish bullshit predictions for 2007 to pad out their advertising platform

Script Idea 3

ELER highlights from the last 12 months
pane1: pane 4 from ep014 (afro richard stallman): caption: Richard Stallman in the 70s
pane2: pane 1 from ep009 (shit in punchbowl): caption: Did Eric shit in the punchbowl?
pane3: previous 2 panes: caption: ELER highlights from the last 12 months
pane4: previous 1 pane, copied multiple times into the distance: caption: SIGSEGV: stack overflow

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