"Everybody Loves Eric Raymond" is a webcomic depicting the very real lives of Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond and Linus Torvalds as accurately as comedically possible. Their real lives, which include living together in a house, with dynamic dimensions, without their wives or girlfriends. Also, they always wear the same clothes. And don’t move their eyes much.

ELER was created by "John Leach" and is co-written by "Louisa Parry" with help from friends and random strangers (via the wiki). It’s created and published (almost) weekly, using only free software.

This Wiki

This wiki is used to plan future strips. It's entirely open to encourage contributions. If you want to discuss ideas more interactively join #newworldodour on Quakenet and say hello.

By contributing, you agree to allow me (John Leach) to use your ideas in the strip. If you want to contribute, you have to register for an account (to prevent spam, sorry).

There is a Wikipedia page about this comic too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everybody_Loves_Eric_Raymond

Credit where credit is due

Please remember to create yourself "a userpage" with details of how you would like to be credited when your work is used (perhaps your name, and a url to link to, and/or e-mail address). It'd be nice to know your email address too so I can communicate directly with you (usually to say thanks!). If you'd rather not put your address on the wiki, mail me directly: john@johnleach.co.uk

Add any interesting random news links or whatever to the EverybodyLovesEricRaymond/LinksOfInterest page. Maybe it'll inspire someone. Add a little comment next to the link to describe what it's all about.

Find out about the Inkscape and Gimp source files on the EverybodyLovesEricRaymond/SourceCode page.


Work has begun on transcribing the comics. Please help by transcribing any that aren't done yet and translating any others to any languages you know.

Character stuff

Script plans and grouped ideas

work in progress



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