RedHat Enterprise Server 3

I'm currently working with the latest version of RedHat ES, v3 (Taroon). I've had to build a few packages and make some modifications, which I'll be making available here.

Qmail and other DJB tools

Dan Bernstein really knows his stuff. This is why I choose to use so many of his programs. I've built Qmail, DJBdns, Daemontools and Ucspi-tcp RPM packages for RedHat ES v3.

DJB, for a number of reasons, doesn't allow people to distribute modified versions of his work, so I'm providing the source packages for you to rebuild. For example: rpmbuild -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/qmail.spec if you installed the src rpm, otherwise rpm --rebuild qmail-1.03-JL2.src.rpm.

The modifications I have included fix the code to work with GlibC 2.3 (remedying the errno warnings) and add a few features I find handy (see below). As such, these packages are unlikely to be as secure as the original but many of the patches are in common use and haven't caused any serious problems yet.

I will have some documentation up for these packages soon.

Qmail extra patches

Bruce Guenter's qmail-qfilter

I've also built a qmail-qfilter binary rpm on RedHat AS from Bruce's src. This is used with the QMAILQUEUE functionality added to the qmail packages.


All the source RPMS can be found in downloads directory

An rpm2html page is also available which gives you a bit more information on the packages before you download. The most useful is probably the rpm changelog.


I've started documenting how to install and configure these packages.


Keepalived provides high availability for Linux, using the Linux Virutual Server project and their own service health checker. It also sports an implementation of the VRRP protocol (protocol protocol ;).

I rebuilt the keepalived packages for RedHat ES v3 as the official one has some RH9/Fedora dependencies or something. I also fixed a problem with the spec and tightened up the config file permissions (submitted upstream).

This package is not built with the link watch capabilities.

The i386 binary and the source RPMs are available here.

RedHat Advanced Server 2.1


As part of my work with Delivered Solutions I've had to make some modifications to the RedHat AS OS we use. Maybe these will be of use to some people (at least until RedHat AS 3 is released).

These patches have only been tested on the i386 architecture. REDHAT DOES NOT SUPPORT THESE PATCHES. Before contacting RedHat support I would recommend reproducing the problem with the officially supported kernel first, to rule this code out.

Kernel patches and SRPMS

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