a simple rsync based backup system

dsbackup uses rsync to take a bandwidth efficient backup of a system via ssh. It is developed by John Leach in bash and is released under v2 of the GPL.



I currently use dsbackup to keep a backup of several RedHat ES servers hosted offsite, with only a low bandwidth link between them and the dedicated backup machine. I regularly need to restore individual files from the backups and prefer not to have to stream through gigs of tape archives to get them.

The Amanda and Backula backup systems seem great, but wasted an awful lot of bandwidth. They were also rather complicated to use (for me anyway) and I felt I didn't have enough control over the backup and restore procress.


Rsync must be run as root on the backup machine in order to preserve user/group ids and permissions. I recommend using a dedicated backup machine with no other users on it.


The current version is 0.1 and can be found in the download directory.

The documentation is still in progress but it should be enough to get you going.

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