Script 1

richard: there is some guy at the door.  wants to join the party.
eric: oh?

richard: he has a funny accent. funny hair. funny clothes. and says he's been into space.
eric: He doesn't sound like the kind of guy we'd like to work with
mark: hi guys

richard: oh and he has 200 million dollars
*eric hugging mark*: Welcome to the family Mick.

Script 2

eric: he's awfully young this Mark chap.
bruce: in my day we didn't all have 200 million dollars you know.  we had to make do with whatever we could

eric: in my day, my va linux shares were worth 30 million dollars.  I had to get by impersonating James Bond
bruce: in my day, I used to 'ave this tiny old shell account, with great big security holes in the kernel

eric: shell account?  you were lucky to have userspace! kernel space was all we had!
richard: oh we used to *dream* of having a kernel, all we had was the bare metal

linus: in my day, we didn't even have bare metal.  and when programming I used to write the stack by hand on paper, stored the cpu registers on a blackboard and programmed directly in electricity.
richard: Err, Linus, you grew up in Finland.  You've had a laptop since you were 8.
linus: yeah, I just did those things for fun.  We had to use those microswitch keyboards though, which hurt my fingers sometimes.

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